Types of Orthodontic Treatment

Braces, Orthodontic Treatment in Vacaville, CA - Natalie Yang OrthodonticsThere are different types of orthodontic treatment offered that you may qualify for. Adults, teens, and kids all have different needs.  Below are several options your Vacaville ABO Board-Certified orthodontist will discuss with you at your complimentary consultation.

Invisalign & Clear Aligners

Clear aligners, like Invisalign, are one of the least noticeable & most popular forms of orthodontic treatment today.  These aligners are worn 21-22 hours/day and cover all sides of your teeth to move them.  They are removed during eating and brushing, then replaced right away for best results.  Aligners are a great option for those who do not want to worry about what they can and cannot eat during treatment. We use digital scans to help create 3D models.

One of the biggest benefits of clear aligners is that there are no emergencies!  There are no broken braces, no poky wires, and no need to use orthodontic wax for comfort.  Our patients also report less soreness during their treatment than traditional metal & clear braces. 

Aligners are a great option for adults who cannot miss work frequently, and teens & kids with busy after-school schedules.

At our office, clear aligners & braces cost about the same.  We always make sure that your treatment is affordable.  That is why 50% of our patients choose clear aligners.

Metal Braces

Metal braces are the most common kinds of braces.  The braces that we use today are thinner, smoother, and more comfortable than braces in the past.  Wires are also much more flexible & gentle.  Braces are glued directly to your teeth, so unlike clear aligners, you do not have to worry about putting them back in your mouth after you eat.

While there is always the chance of a broken bracket or poky wire, our office uses the highest quality materials to minimize that chance.  We find that our patients in metal braces have very smooth treatment with minimal discomfort.  When you get your braces placed, we will review braces care instructions & dietary restrictions with you.

Clear & Ceramic Braces

For those who want a more natural look, clear & ceramic braces are a great option.  Ceramic braces blend in with the natural color of your tooth. Like metal braces, ceramic braces are also glued directly to your teeth.  Clear & ceramic braces are a great option for those who would like something more esthetic but do not want to worry about something removable, like aligners.


Call us at (707) 474-4707 or message us to schedule your complimentary consultation & learn more about the best treatment option for you.  We also have some great information on our blog, which is updated regularly.  If you prefer a specific type of orthodontic treatment, be sure to mention it at your exam with our Vacaville orthodontist, Dr. Natalie Yang.