Easter Candy for Braces

Easter is right around the corner!  With Easter comes spending precious time with the family, egg hunts, and what kids might find the most exciting of all, Easter candies!  If you are in orthodontic treatment (especially braces), you will have to be diligent about what candy you should and should not eat. 

As a rule of thumb, look to our “Dietary Restrictions” webpage for a comprehensive list of all things you can and cannot eat.

For your Easter-specific candy food list, look below:

Soft chocolate candy is safe for braces.

Candy to Stay Away from:

Avoid sticky or chewy candy

  • Bubblegum – “Dubble Bubble” is a popular brand for Easter egg hunts. Gum brands like this are too big (large pieces), sticky, and chewy. They also have sugar, which is bad for your teeth. However, you can still have soft, sugarless gum, such as “Trident.” 
  • Starburst – This popular egg-stuffer Easter candy is bad for braces.  

Avoid hard candy

  • Jolly ranchers – Some people like to eat Jolly Ranchers by biting through them, which breaks braces. Others will let the candies dissolve in the mouth, which releases a lot of sugar for a long period of time. This greatly increases the risk of cavities, especially when it is so hard to keep braces clean.
  • Lollipops
  • Candy with hard fillings
    • Whoppers – Even though malt chocolate melts into a soft texture, you have to bite into the hard surface to get there
    • Snickers – Snickers have peanuts inside, which can break braces off your teeth. 
    • Butterfinger – The delicious center is crunchy and may break off your braces.

Candy You can Safely Enjoy

Peeps are soft & are safe to eat with braces.

Please make sure to brush & floss afterwards!

  • Peeps – Soft and fluffy, these treats are OK to eat.
  • Jelly beans – an Easter candy favorite, you can safely eat these with braces.  However, if they get stale and hard, toss them out.
  • Reese’s Eggs – A delicious soft peanut-butter snack that will not break your braces.
  • Chocolate goodies with no hard fillings
    • Cadbury Creme Eggs
    • Chocolate bunnies
    • Chocolate eggs


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