Digital Scans

Digital Scans

Orthodontic Treatment, Digital Scans in Vacaville, CA - Natalie Yang OrthodonticsOur office offers state of the art technology.  We use a digital scanner to make models of your teeth instead of those goopy, gross impressions.  The doctor will then be able to look at and plan you or your child’s treatment on the computer. This not only makes your visit more comfortable, but helps us to waste less and be more kind to the environment.

Why Digital Scans?

Scans Are More Comfortable

Since we use a camera to take pictures of your teeth, there is no issue of gagging or being unable to breathe, unlike impressions. If you need a break, the camera comes out. When you are ready, the camera goes back in. At the end, your digital scan will become a digital model.

Scans Are More Accurate

Digital scans take pictures of your teeth and stitch them together to make an accurate model. We do not need to worry about the cheeks, lips, tongue, or saliva getting in the way of accuracy. If there is an area we could not capture the first time, we can scan the problem area very quickly and stitch those images together.

Models Are More Sturdy

After we complete our digital scan, we then create a sturdy 3D model of your teeth. We can then modify this model in the computer and move teeth around. Then, we print the models and make appliances from them.  Since the 3D models are very sturdy and do not break in the process of appliance fabrication, we can make multiple sets from the same model.  In the past, we would need to take multiple impressions and make multiple stone models.

Retainers Fit Better

Retainers that are made from 3D models fit better.  There is no human error involved in taking impressions, pouring up plaster models, and accidentally breaking these models during retainer fabrication.

Same-Day Starts

Digital scans are so quick and convenient that we are able to start your treatment on the same day.


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