Convenient & Safe Virtual Appointments

At Natalie Yang Orthodontics, we emphasize safety and understand the need for convenience. That is why we offer virtual, video-conferencing options for appointments.

Our virtual appointments include, but are not limited to:

Consultations: In order for the doctor to give you the most accurate information, your initial consultation must be in-person. Popular virtual consult appointments can be used for:

  • Follow up consult: Any questions about the treatment plan can be completed virtually without the need for an extra in-office appointment.
  • Parent secondary consult: If one parent is unable to attend the initial consultation with their child and has additional questions, we may schedule a secondary consult so that an additional trip to the office is not necessary.

Progress Check: An in-office visit may not be necessary for you if your treatment is progressing normally. This virtual appointment is extremely popular with qualified patients in aligners. Click here (hyperlink to “Invisalign & Clear aligner page) to learn more about aligners.

Emergencies: Is there something poking or you would like to be seen outside of your normal appointment time? We can help remotely!

Please schedule your virtual appointment via Calendy and we will email you further instructions.

Schedule Your Virtual Appointment