Braces Instructions & FAQ

Braces Care Instructions


Congratulations on starting your journey to a healthy, gorgeous smile!  Here is how to take care of your braces to ensure the best and most timely results:

What to expect after your first appointment:braces model

  • Soreness: Everyone experiences different levels of soreness.  You can expect anywhere from 1-14 days of soreness around your lips, cheeks, tongue, and teeth.  Most people are sore 1-2 days.
    • Take Ibuprofen (Advil) or Acetaminophen (Tylenol) as needed.
    • Rinse with warm salt water to help your lips, cheeks, and tongue with discomfort from rubbing.
    • Place orthodontic wax on areas that are persistently sore.
      • Make sure the area is as dry as possible so the wax sticks.
      • It is OK if you swallow the wax accidentally.
      • Replace as necessary.
    • Expect some soreness after every adjustment appointment.
  • Stay on a soft diet.  Follow your dietary restrictions.
  • Your bite will change over time. This is normal.
  • You may experience more saliva for the first 1-2 weeks. This is normal.


Braces Care Instructions:

  • Follow the dietary restriction list.  Frequently broken brackets will slow down your treatment.  If brackets break too often, you may incur extra charges.
  • Brush after every meal:
    • Angle your brush above and below the braces (near the gums).
    • Use a treetop brush between braces
  • Floss every night, more if you can!
    • Use a floss threader or superfloss.
    • Waterpik is highly recommended in addition to regular flossing. Ask us if you need help using your Waterpik.
  • Improper care can permanently stain your teeth (They are the start of cavities, also known as White Spot Lesions).  These are impossible to fix without costly fillings.

Click here to watch a good video demonstrating how to care for your braces.


Separators (Spacers) Care:

  • You will be sore for up to 1 week – read above “What to expect after your first appointment.”
  • Brush like normal, but do not floss the areas with the spacers.
  • Stay away from sticky-chewy food.
  • If your spacer falls out before your next appointment, give us a call to schedule a quick appointment & put them back in. Usually we do not need to replace spacers if they fall out 1-2 days before your next appointment.



  • Broken brackets
    • Follow your dietary restrictions!
    • Keep your broken bracket & bring it to your appointment.
    • Call to have the bracket placed back on at your earliest convenience.
    • If something is poking, use wax while you are waiting for your next appointment.
    • Persistent breakages may mean you are:
      • Grinding or clenching your teeth. Try an over-the-counter night guard/mouthguard from CVS, Target, or Walmart.  This can be worn day or night.
        • Do NOT boil and suck down to form it to your teeth – it will get stuck on your braces.
        • If the nightguard is too bulky, trim it with scissors.
      • Eating hard or sticky foods. Follow the dietary restrictions.
  • Poking wire
    • This is normal as teeth and wires shift. Give us a call so we may trim the wire. Use wax in the meantime.