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Maxillary Expander

What is a Maxillary Expander? A maxillary expander, also known as a rapid palatal expander, “RPE,” or spacer, is an orthodontic device that widens the upper jaw. An expander corrects certain bite problems and creates space for over-crowded teeth. How Does a Maxillary Expander Work? The expander attaches to the upper molars and sits off […]

Troubleshooting Braces

Check out our tips & tricks for troubleshooting uncomfortable braces. You can also visit our page for current Vacaville orthodontic patients: Braces FAQ. Poking Wire  It is normal for an orthodontic wire to poke your cheek or lip once in a while.  This can happen as: Your mouth takes some time to adjust to new […]

Orthodontic Gift Guide

Have you started shopping for the holidays yet? Sometimes it can be hard to find gifts for our loved ones in orthodontic treatment with braces & clear aligners. Thankfully, we have an Orthodontic Gift Guide!  Here are some gift and stocking stuffer ideas that can bring them joy and spruce up their journey with braces.  […]

Common Bite Problems

Straight teeth are not the only reason to get orthodontic treatment.  Apart from fixing crowding, spacing, and crooked teeth, you should also correct your bite. Keep reading below to find out what are common bite problems, why fixing the bite is important, and how to fix the bite. When you get braces or clear aligners […]

Impacted Teeth

You may be wondering what impacted teeth are, and why you may need braces to fix it.  Keep reading below to find out what impacted teeth are, how to avoid them, and what to do if you have them.   What is an impacted tooth? An impacted tooth is a tooth that is stuck inside […]

Mouth Guards for Braces

Do you or your child participate in contact sports?  Are you eager to start braces in Vacaville but don’t know which mouth guards for braces to try?  Are you in braces, but you started a new sport that requires mouth guards?  You’re in the right place!  We have a list of orthodontics-friendly mouth guards for […]

Dental Cleanings During Orthodontics

You’ve started your braces or clear aligner journey and go to orthodontic appointments regularly. You may be thinking – why do I still need dental cleanings during orthodontic treatment? Maybe your dentist told you that you need to go even more often!  To understand why, it is important to understand how plaque and tartar form […]

Traveling with Braces & Clear Aligners

Summer break is in full swing!  Kids are out of school, the days are long, and people are taking advantage of this time to finally travel.  Going on vacation will naturally come with a change in routine.  Here is some handy information for when you are in orthodontic treatment and are traveling with braces & […]

7 Rules for Retainers

Did you just finish orthodontic treatment and forgot some instructions on how to care for your retainers?  Have you been done with treatment for a while and need a refresher on what you can and cannot do with your retainers? Do you just want some more information on retainers and why you have to wear […]

White Spots

What are white spots? White spots are permanent white stains in the outside layer of your tooth, enamel.  A better description would be a permanent tooth scar.  They are the first step of cavities before the cavity becomes a hole in your tooth.  These white stains cannot be brushed off.  You can’t get rid of them […]