Clear Aligners for Teens

Clear Aligners for Teens, Invisalign for Teens in Vacaville, CA - Natalie Yang OrthodonticsInvisalign, and other clear aligners, can be for teens too. Let’s face it – sometimes braces are not the most convenient or esthetic orthodontic treatment.  If your teen wears their clear aligners correctly, they will achieve a beautiful and long-lasting smile.  

When Teens Should Consider Aligners

  • Active in sports: Without poking wires or rough brackets, there is no risk of breakage or injury.  It also acts as a light mouth guard (You should still wear a regular mouth guard if you participate in high-impact sports).  Teens that are very active in sports may also have a hectic after-school schedule.  Teens who wear clear aligners do not need to come to appointments as often as those with braces.  This will make it more convenient to schedule orthodontic visits around practices, meets, and games.
  • Self-conscious about braces:  Some teens are excited to get braces, choose & change their braces colors every visit, and like the look of braces.  Others are not as excited. If your teen does not want braces, they can still be a good candidate for orthodontic treatment with aligners.  In most cases, your teen will achieve the same result with both options.
  • Grinding & clenching habit: Clear aligners will cover the biting surface of the teeth, which will protect them from the destructive habits of grinding or clenching teeth.  They will act as a nightguard or mouth guard during the duration of treatment.
  • Busy schedule: Teens nowadays can have schedules even busier than their parents!  With after school practices, volunteering, and school events, teens can have a hard time making it to appointments.  Clear aligner orthodontic treatment means that your teen comes to appointments less often than their friends in braces.
  • No emergencies:  You and your teen will be happy with no poking wires, no broken brackets, and no extra appointments due to emergencies.  

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