Clear Aligner Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Clear Aligners in Vacaville, CA - Natalie Yang Orthodontics

These are some frequently asked questions (FAQ) by our patients in Vacaville, CA about clear aligners.

How much will I have to wear my aligners?

21-22 hours/day.  If they are not in your mouth, they do not work. Therefore, irregular wear will make your treatment longer and less predictable.  In some cases, very poor wear will result in having to switch to braces.  However, if you are having an occasional special night out, it is fine to keep them out for a few hours.

What can I eat and drink with aligners in?

Only drink cool water.  Colored drinks without sugar are okay (black coffee, black tea), but they are still acidic, so have some water next to you to swish around between sips.  If you do this, expect some staining of your aligners.  Do not drink anything with sugar (sugar will get trapped under the aligners and make you more prone to cavities and gum problems).  No food, period!

How often are appointments?

Depending on your treatment plan, appointments are usually every 3-4 months.

Do they work as well as braces?

In most cases and with good wear, yes!  Sometimes, they work even better than braces.  Of course, every person is different. Dr. Yang will decide if aligners are a good treatment option for you during your complimentary consultation.  

How long does it take?  Is it longer than treatment with braces?

During your complimentary consultation, Dr. Yang will determine how long your treatment will take.  Typically, treatment length is the same whether it is braces or aligners.

How much does it cost?

Cost depends on many factors, such as how long treatment will take and how difficult treatment is.  The cost of aligners at our office is similar to that of braces.  Also, most insurances cover aligners just as it would braces.  We will look up how much your insurance covers at your consult appointment, so make sure to provide your insurance information.  We will also submit the insurance claims on your behalf.  Our office offers flexible payment options to help fit your budget.